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The SIMPLE answer to preventing water related ear problems



I was dubious as to whether this product would help me with my poorly ears but have found that after a couple of swims it is brilliant and does what it says on the bottle!! I would reccommend this to anyone who has ear issues.

What is SwimSeal?

SwimSeal is a unique formulation containing Australian tea tree oil that is applied before exposure to water

 Creates a waterproof coating in the ear canal
 Prevents ear discomfort and infections due to trapped water
 Leaves the ear naturally and should be reapplied as needed

Prevention is better than cure


Can everyone use SwimSeal?
SwimSeal can be used for people of all ages to prevent water-related ear problems and is safe to use for children. Whether you are actively involved in water sports or simply enjoy splashing around every now and then, SwimSeal is the ideal product to use. If you have grommets, a perforated eardrum, are pregnant or lactating, SwimSeal ear drops should not be used.
Why do our ears need protection? Why does water cause discomfort, pain and irritation when it gets in my ears?
Our ears secrete a protective layer of wax lining the ear canal. Contact and exposure to water causes this layer to be worn and depleted. Without the natural wax layer, water enters the ear canal, becomes trapped, causing irritation to the sensitive skin surrounding it. This can lead to inflammation, sensitivity and other water-related problems.
What is swimmer's ear?
An inflammatory condition of the outer ear and ear canal and is one of the most common causes of "earache".
What are the symptoms of swimmer's ear?
Pain, discharge, discomfort, itchiness and inflammation are the most common symptoms.
What causes swimmer's ear?
Exposure to polluted or contaminated water is the most common cause. Water trapped in the ear canal from showering, swimming or diving could lead to infection.
How can swimmer's ear be treated?
Prevention is the best way to manage the problem, however if infection is present, you should consult a healthcare professional immediately.
What can I use to protect my ears against trapped water?
SwimSeal is applied before you go into the water and acts as a barrier against water exposure. SwimSeal contains a unique formulation, which includes Tea-Tree Oil, that coats the external ear canal and provides some of the protective functions of natural ear wax. It will not build up in the ear and it does not contain alcohol.
Why does SwimSeal contain Tea-Tree Oil?
Tea-Tree Oil is a natural antibacterial agent containing constituents called terpenoids, which act as antiseptic agents. The Tea-Tree Oil component in SwimSeal ear drops protects the ear canal from any infectious organisms such as fungi, bacteria and viruses. You can go to for more info.
Is SwimSeal easy to use?
SwimSeal ear drops are simple and easy to use! Simply apply 2 - 3 drops into each ear before entering the water and you will be protected. Re-apply after 2 - 3 hours of water exposure to ensure complete protection.
Why is SwimSeal unique?
The unique alcohol-free SwimSeal formula is patented and just contains tea tree oil and medical grade silicone.
Why alcohol free?
Alcohol drops can sting and dry out the skin in the ear canal. This can cause the skin to crack and create a bacterial pathway.
Who is SwimSeal designed for?
SwimSeal is designed for swimmers, divers, children and adults alike, for any occasion when water can get into the ear, including showering and bathing.
How many applications does one bottle contain?
One bottle of SwimSeal is enough for over 100 applications.

Water-free ears

Suitable for the whole family

Why SwimSeal?

Protects and prevents

 Developed by ENT surgeons
 Avoid the costs and inconvenience of water-related ear problems
 The drops that STOP painful ears caused by trapped water

I've tried everything out there to stop water getting trapped in my ears. This works. No discomfort and you use it before you swim not afterwards. Much better. A friend of mine uses it for her kids at bathtime and swears by it.



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I really like this product! Much more hygienic than ear plugs and more convenient too. I swim daily in a pool and regularly in open water and, since using SwimSeal, I haven't had any more ear problems. Doesn't reduce noise either so great for open water!
Gilly Sparkles